Why Go for a Micro Pave Engagement Ring?

Some women like their engagement ring simple and some want it decorated, that’s why men are often having a hard time choosing an engagement ring for their girl. However, you should know your partner’s preference to avoid ruining your engagement day. We know choosing designs is challenging, and we know you are doing everything to get the right ring. We would love to help by recommending Micro Pave Engagement Rings. Let’s give you an idea of why you have to choose this ring as your engagement ring. 

Characteristics of Pave Setting Engagement Rings


The pave setting engagement ring has small diamonds lined up on its shank. The diamonds are held up by prongs or beads creating a line of continuous small diamonds. The prongs or beads are barely seen which makes the ring more beautiful. Due to the presence of numerous stones, the pave ring setting can create more sparkle.  The term pave is taken from the french word “pa-vay” which means to pave. Plus the word micro which means tiny makes up the Micro Pave. 

Variety of Designs 

The micro pave engagement ring setting comes in several designs. The Main themes are vintage and modern, so if your partner is fond of vintage or modern this type of ring can fit her. Therefore if you choose this type of ring you can still choose from different appearances of rings. In Micro pave engagement ring setting sizes of stones can be varied or even with different gemstones. 

Types of Pave Settings 

  • Micropave 

Shanks are accessorized with small stones on the shank which makes the metal not visible. Stones are smaller but supported by prongs.

  • French Pave

This design is almost the same as the micro pave setting but with a v-cut shape under each diamond. This feature allows more light to enter the ring making it brilliantly shinier. 

  • Scallop 

For this setting instead of having a v-shaped, u-shaped cut out can be found under each stone adding a distinctive look to the ring. 

  • Channel

The pave stones look like they are held by metals, the stones are in between the shanks. This is perfect for women who love vintage style looks. 

  • Shared Prong

For this setting two accent stones are held by one prong, it makes a more tightened and uniform look. With this feature it allows more light to enter the ring and make the stones sparkle more.

  • Surface Prong

This is the most common setting for pave setting, tiny metal prongs hold the accent stones. The prongs vary in shapes such as round, flat, pointed, or v-shaped.  

  • Bar

This setting shows metal bars in between the accent stones making them more secured and in place. It also gives it a solid look. 

  • Bezel

For this setting, the accent stones are enclosed in a metal. This makes the accent stones secured and makes the ring look solid and durable.

Advantages Micro Pave Engagement Ring

More Affordable 

Since there are numerous stones on the shank, choosing a big center stone is not necessary. With this set up the small tones can make the center stone appear bigger. Getting a smaller center stone can cost you less. 

More Extravagant Appearance 

With all the sparkle the stones can create the ring appears more brilliant. Especially since the stones hide the metals and enhance the micro stones instead. 

More Sturdy 

Each small stone on the engagement ring pave is provided with prongs making it more sturdy. Unlike other settings where there are several stones but only the center stones are supported with prongs. Prongs are metals that hold the stones on their corners to put them in place. 

Choosing a Micro Pave Engagement Ring would be a great choice for your partner who loves modern and vintage looks, just like  a round semi mount 4 prong micro pave engagement rings by Shira Diamonds in Dallas. By getting this it can be flexible enough to fit the ring your partner desires. Another good thing about Micro Pave Engagement Rings is that it has more than one stone and girls are crazy about stones. She will surely love it if she has more than one stone on her ring. You just have to choose which setting you think is favorable to her taste and you are ready to pick the perfect engagement gift for her.