Why Go for a Micro Pave Engagement Ring?

Some women like their engagement ring simple and some want it decorated, that’s why men are often having a hard time choosing an engagement ring for their girl. However, you should know your partner’s preference to avoid ruining your engagement day. We know choosing designs is challenging, and we know you are doing everything to get the right ring. We would love to help by recommending Micro Pave Engagement Rings. Let’s give you an idea of why you have to choose this ring as your engagement ring. 

Characteristics of Pave Setting Engagement Rings


The pave setting engagement ring has small diamonds lined up on its shank. The diamonds are held up by prongs or beads creating a line of continuous small diamonds. The prongs or beads are barely seen which makes the ring more beautiful. Due to the presence of numerous stones, the pave ring setting can create more … Read More