How To Look For the Best Solar Company in Houston, Texas


How to Find The Best Solar Companies In Houston? - Sunshine Renewable  Solutions

Houston, Texas is the most populous city in the state and the fourth most populous in the entire country with over two million inhabitants.  With nearly 1800 hours of peak sunshine every year and a solid property tax exemption for solar, one of the best investments you will make in this city is solar installation.


How will you choose the best solar company in this city that will help drive up your home value, significantly increase your savings on your electric bills, and be qualified for solar incentives that will significantly decrease the cost of going solar?


Here’s what to consider when hiring a qualified solar contractor in Houston:

Skill and Knowledge on the Solar Installation Process

Depending on how many solar panels you’re having installed, the installation will take between 1 and 3 days and will involve:


  • Scaffolding being erected around your property
  • Fitting roof hooks and frames
  • Attaching solar panels to the roof and then wired
  • Connecting the solar panels to the solar inverter and grid
  • Powering up the solar photovoltaic system
  • Registering the system
  • Providing you with all the documentation


A trustworthy solar company should be able to provide all these services in the installation process.


The more experience a solar company has in installing solar energy systems, the better.  Skill and knowledge in solar installations come with experience which counts a lot.  It will certainly pay off to do your research and find out how long a solar company has been in business and how much experience they have.

Proper Certification and Licenses

First, a reliable solar company in Houston, Texas should have a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.  It is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for solar professionals, offering entry-level knowledge assessment, professional certification, and company accreditation programs to renewable energy professionals.


Second, you can trust a solar company if they hold a license that the state requires to install a solar energy system.


If you don’t get a solar company with proper certification and licensing, you will not be able to enjoy the consumer protection which certification schemes provide as its mark of quality.

Favorable Customer Reviews

Find out what the solar company’s clients are saying about their services and the quality of equipment and solar panels they install.  Take time to read the reviews of the solar company.  You can use internet tools like Trustpilot and check solar reviews from solar websites that feature verified customer reviews and ratings.

Solar Installation Insurance

Solar insurance ensures that you are covered in the event that something should go wrong during the solar panel installation.  Make sure that the solar company in Houston that you choose to work with is covered by insurance.  Solar insurance can also cover damages to your property that may be caused by the installation of your solar panel system.

Product and Workmanship Warranties

There are typically two separate warranties that a solar company in Houston should give you along with your solar panel installation.


First is the warranty that covers the product itself.  The second is the warranty that covers the workmanship.  Generally speaking, the work will be covered for anything between 5 and 10 years while the solar panels will be guaranteed for 20-25 years.

Cost of Installation

Compare the prices of different solar companies in Houston.  Solar installers will have their own rates which makes comparing quotes worthwhile.  It is recommended that you get at least three quotes from certified solar companies who will visit your property to determine whether it is suitable to install solar panels in your property.


Solar Alternatives is the premier Houston solar company for affordable solar panel installations.  You will get the best possible advice for your solar installation so you can enjoy the best possible payback.

Hire the Best Solar Company in Houston, Texas

Find a solar company who is familiar with the paperwork and procedures of installing a solar panel system and can likewise provide a safe installation covered by insurance and warranties.  Choose the solar company that offers the best proposal according to your needs so you can get the best possible return on your investment.

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