Video in Financial Services | Vidyard

October 7, 2021·5 min read

We’ve rounded up examples from 6 top organizations using video in financial services. It’s time to get inspired!

Financial service industries are up against a generational cliff. As a whole, financial service organizations and younger generations struggle to relate to each other. This is especially problematic because the whole industry is based on trust and relationships. Luckily, video in financial services has emerged as a key solution to help with this.

Why? We are naturally attracted to video content rather than large blocks of text. Video allows financial services to build more transparent relationships and explain complex financial products simply.

To inspire you, and show that video does have a place within the financial service sector, we’ve rounded up examples from 6 top organizations using video. Not only are they using video content, but they also use it in multiple different ways to engage and embrace their new buyers.

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