The Adam Olsen Team’s Social Media Marketing Helps Homeowners Sell Faster and for More

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Social media has transformed the way marketing and advertising functions. Today, there are numerous opportunities to reach target audiences that simply did not exist before. Thanks to highly complex social media algorithms, and data collection, anyone looking to advertise something can do so in a highly-targeted way. The real estate industry is beginning to realize the significant advantages of using social media marketing to promote listings for their clients. One of the brokerages spearheading this foray into digital marketing for real estate is The Adam Olsen Team.

Millennial power broker Adam Olsen got into the world of real estate when he was just 18. Given how seniority has great importance in that industry, it was vital for him to prove himself in the beginning. To do this, he used his social media marketing skills and put them to work. This was when hardly anyone in the industry was taking advantage of using social media to promote listings.

It wasn’t long before the results became evident. This solidified The Adam Olsen Team as a leading brokerage when it came to leveraging the power of social media to help sell real estate. As a result, this fast-rising brokerage began receiving accolades and awards for its successes, and also led to Adam speaking alongside other famous entrepreneurs like Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.

Today, The Adam Olsen Team boasts an impressive two million monthly viewers for its promoted listings across all of its social media channels. That is a tremendous amount of eyeballs looking at the real estate listings of their clients.

There are perks to advertising your property through The Adam Olsen Team’s extensive network. Together, they ensure the money you invest in working with this brokerage will come back to you and be well worth it.

Running paid promotions for all of their listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has helped countless clients sell their properties quickly. The Adam Olsen Team is obligated to prioritize the interests of its clients, and ensures they are well represented throughout the entire process.

Sometimes, homeowners initially choose the “for sale by owner” route because they believe it will save them time. However, most that embark down that path eventually employ the services of a brokerage. That means that time has been lost, as well as effort. When you hire The Adam Olsen Team, you benefit from over 35 years of combined experience and knowledge. Any question you have will be answered with responsible and professional advice.

There are dozens, or sometimes even hundreds, of decisions that need to be made when selling a home. If you want the process to go as smoothly, seamlessly, and quickly as possible, you will want to talk to The Adam Olsen Team.

You can head over to the Adam Olsen Team’s website to learn more, as well as follow this fast-rising real estate team Adam created on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.