Silver Bullion – Does Size Matter?

What is Silver Bullion? Everything You Need To Know

Silver has always been seen as a good investment. Silver bullion bars are becoming one of the most popular forms of investment. With the silver price hitting new highs, dealers are dealing with strong demand from investors for all available bullion sizes. Let’s look at the many advantages available when you buy silver Bullion online:

It is easy for investors to take delivery as it is very easy for them to store, stack and handle the bars due to their flatness and uniform size. Investors looking to invest large amounts of silver do not need a large amount of storage space due to the compact size of the bars.

They are easy to liquidate (that is, they can be easily converted into cash) because they have a clear seal, easy to recognize symbols on each strip.

The premium on silver bars is lower than that of one ounce silver coins.

Silver bars can be purchased in different size from a gram to a 1000oz.

Fractional Silver Bars

Fractional silver bars are available in small increments. A troy ounce of silver equal 31.1 grams.  A “one gram” bar is slightly smaller than a penny!  To calculate the value of single fractional bar. Use the spot price of silver by 31.1 to work out the price in ounces. If you buy silver bullion online these products are very simple to ship.

10 oz silver bar

The 10 oz silver bar size is one of the most popular sizes available on the market. Contains ten troy ounces of 0.999 fine silver. Therefore, it is also a pure form. Like the 1oz size, this large bar is also produced by many reputable manufacturers due to its popularity.

100 oz silver bar

As with the 10-ounce bars, Engelhard and Johnson-Matthey, the two largest refiners in the world, are also the most prominent producers of the 100-ounce bars. However, these bars have not been mass-produced since the late 1980s. Therefore, the ones available in the market today are very unique. You can still find a couple of these bars at some of the best dealers. If you own one of these and you find yourself looking to buy silver bullion Online. You can never go wrong with the Engelhard and Johnson-Matthey bars.

They offer the highest liquidity of all silver bullion sizes and are also portable due to their size.

850 oz silver bar

There is a unique 850oz bar size produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Contains 0.9995 silver. However, they do not actually weigh 850 ounces, but range in weight from 800 to 900 ounces, with the average being 850 ounces. 1000 oz silver brick

The 1000 ounce silver bullion is the most popular among Comex futures investors who choose to carry their bullion. These bars use new fine cast silver bars. However, you are unlikely to find a bar of this size that weighs exactly 1000 ounces. Their weight usually ranges from 960 to 1030 oz. All are stamped with their weight, brand and serial number, further increasing their value. Great bars

5 oz, 20 oz, 25 oz, 50 oz, and 1 kg sizes are examples of unique bar sizes. These bars were popular in the 1970s when silver steel bars were first introduced and silver steels were popularly used as a hedge against inflation. But these bars are not so popular today as most investors choose the 10 oz or 100 oz size. However, you can still find these bars of various sizes on the secondary market as silver prices rise and sellers try to liquidate their holdings.

This is because there are various options that one can choose to invest. The only thing that matters when choosing a size bar is your budget and the goal of your investment.

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