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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2021 / Paid advertising has proven to be an effective method for businesses to get their services out to their clients. RTH Media is well-versed in helping e-commerce businesses become industry leaders in their respective industries. According to the founder, Ray Hussain, “RTH Media gives a clear breakdown of how much was spent, how much was made and what your net profit was.” The company prides itself on being a full-service agency that delivers value.

Operating for the past seven years, RTH Media has worked with start-ups, established brands, and international corporations. The company’s effectiveness and success can be attributed to the founder’s background in e-commerce. Ray has firsthand experience in seeing the struggles e-commerce business owners face when trying to advertise their business on the internet and social media. RTH Media is also a verified Facebook Marketing Partner, which is a program that only a few marketers have been accepted into.

Partnering with some of the world’s biggest agencies, RTH Media has studied and learned from some of the best in the business. The agency offers clients week-to-week contact meetings with a team of expert marketing professionals to help them increase their bandwidth, scale their growth, and optimize their outreach.

One of the major value propositions that RTH Media offers its clients is a measurable return on investment-based performance indicators in the client’s business and goals. RTH Media’s primary target is made up of e-commerce business owners and anyone who runs an online business. Ray Hussain has implemented a company culture that creates measurable results for businesses of every revenue, shape, and size.

RTH Media takes e-commerce businesses and turns them into industry giants and £1M – £10M goliaths. RTH’s mission is to become the world’s most results-driven e-commerce marketing agency and to remove the “I’ve been burnt so many times in the past by different agencies” conversation that all founders have.

Ray Hussain explained, “We’ve removed the risk entirely for our clients. Every client at RTH Media has a well-oiled machine that we’ve built, where £1 goes in and £5, £7, £12, £18 comes out. Equipped with this level of certainty, adding £1M – £5M to your bottom line is a simple by-product of the machine.”

“Before we spend £1 on ads, we undergo an operation. This operation enables us to gain a deep-rooted understanding of your ideal customer, industry and competitors and true metrics. In addition, during this phase we analyse your sales processes to identify any holes that may be prevalent and we look to instantly fill those in. Once we have a detailed understanding of your industry, competitors, true metrics, and ideal customer (their characteristics and personality traits etc.), we then publish the first iteration of ads. This is where we start to collate data and make informed decisions on what is and isn’t working. After going through iterations based off the data we collate, we’ll now know exactly who your ideal customer is, what resonates with them most (what evokes an innate motivation for them to buy), and where they congregate on the specific paid platform.”

Ray Hussain was motivated to establish RTH Media when he spotted an opportunity in the digital marketing scene to help and guide e-commerce brands. He knew the exact problems that these businesses were going through, such as low abandoned carts, high cost per acquisition, high CPMs, and a generally bad advertising experience. He has experienced all these, and he has strategies that can be applied to fix them. With his team, they offer businesses those strategies to help them unlock the paid advertising success and achieve overwhelming success.

Ray’s five-year plan for RTH media is to have more than 100 e-commerce brands under the company and turn around the entire advertising marketplace with strategies that work at an affordable cost. On what he wants prospective clients to know, Ray says, “I would like them to know that we empathize with their problems and understand them. We come from the same place, and we simply would like to bridge this gap so that they can finally trust an agency that can get the results and overdeliver. We have the systems and the structure in place to scale eCommerce brands to the moon. We have done it for more than 103 brands.”

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