New Vidyard Solution Helps Sales Teams Scale Video Messaging and Convert More Buyers

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May 3, 2022

New capabilities enable enterprise sales leaders to track video messaging performance across their teams and optimize their approach for higher conversion rates.

KITCHENER, Ontario – May 3, 2022 – Vidyard, the leading video platform for businesses, has expanded its video messaging solution for sales teams as video becomes an increasingly vital part of inside sales strategies. The new offering enables sales leaders and enablement teams to confidently deploy video messaging across their global teams while gaining greater visibility into the adoption, performance and ROI of video messaging.

“Businesses are putting the power of personalized video messaging and custom video demos into the hands of more Account Executives, Sales Development Reps, and Sales Engineers,” said Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO at Vidyard. “Our new offerings give our customers unprecedented visibility into the adoption and utilization of video messaging while surfacing valuable insights on video and rep performance. We’re excited to help businesses maximize their returns on video while making it a seamless extension of their go-to-market programs.”

New Features to Power Virtual Selling

As part of the new product release, Vidyard has introduced new features to its video messaging tools for sales, integrations with leading sales software platforms, and new back-end analytics to provide visibility into how sales reps are performing with video.

The new Team Performance Dashboard provides sales leaders and enablement managers with actionable insight into how their users are performing with video. It helps foster a data-driven sales organization by giving managers detailed insight into who on their team is making the most videos, generating the most engagement, and driving the most conversions from their videos. They can better understand video adoption metrics across their base of users and correlations between video usage and rep performance.

“The Team Performance Dashboard has been critical in accelerating the use of video across our enterprise sales team,” said Kori Christensen, Sr. Manager, Lenovo Accelerates Sales Rotation and Social Selling Program Manager at Lenovo. “Rather than gathering anecdotal feedback from individual reps, we now have access to adoption metrics and performance insights that help us identify Vidyard power users who can help mentor others as well as those users who may need more training or support. Video messaging has become an essential part of our social selling strategy and we’re now in a position to confidently expand our use while optimizing for results.”

Other new features included in the Vidyard for Sales solution update include:

  • Team-Based In-Video Actions: An enhancement to Vidyard’s capabilities for adding custom Calls-to-Action (CTAs) at the end of each video to help generate more immediate conversions from prospects. The new functionality enables sales managers to assign reps into different teams, and to apply different CTAs for each team to ensure that every rep has the most relevant CTAs at their fingertips. Along with the Team Performance Dashboard, this new feature helps managers and admins confidently deploy video tools to large global teams and various groups.
  • Action Analytics: A new capability that enables managers and admins to understand which Calls-to-Action within videos are being acted on, helping to inform which CTAs are driving the most conversions.
  • Video Chaptering: A new feature for sales reps enabling them to add custom chapter marks and a ‘table of contents’ to their longer videos, such as product demonstrations or recordings of video calls, to empower their customers to easily find the information they are looking for. Chapters can be easily added as soon as a video is recorded or uploaded, and can be updated by the user or manager at any time.

In parallel with the release of these new features, Vidyard has established new integrations with leading software platforms used by enterprise sales teams. Vidyard’s new integration with Gong enables video viewing insights to be displayed and acted upon within Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform, while Vidyard’s integration with Salesforce High Velocity Sales enables sellers to record and send video messages directly within their preferred sales engagement tool.

“Video messaging has matured from a helpful tool for individual reps into a critical part of modern virtual selling and inside sales strategies,” said Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard. “We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive solution in the market with the tools leadership needs to deploy with confidence and optimize for revenue generation outcomes.”

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