How Long Should a Video Be

May 17, 2022·8 min read

The rule of thumb is to keep most videos under two minutes, but optimal video length varies depending on where you share or embed it. Tips for each channel.

Most marketing videos should be two minutes or less. First outreach sales videos, under 60 seconds if you can swing it. But the length for any particular video depends entirely on the use case, channel, industry, and where it fits in the marketing and sales funnel. The earlier the stage, the shorter. The later, the longer. Below are recommendations for nearly every conceivable scenario.

Some video length stats:

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  1. Contents
  2. 1. How Long Should Videos Be on Social Media?
  3. 1.1 Instagram Video Length
  4. 1.2 Facebook Video Length
  5. 1.3 LinkedIn Video Length
  6. 1.4 What is the Ideal YouTube Video Length
  7. 1.5 Twitter Video Length
  8. 1.6 Pinterest Video Length
  9. 1.7 Snapchat Video Length
  10. 1.8 TikTok Video Length
  11. 2. How Long Should Video Be on Digital Channels?
  12. 2.1 Website Video Length
  13. 2.2 Landing Pages Video Length
  14. 2.3 Marketing Email Video Length
  15. 2.4 Sales Video Length
  16. 3. How Long Should Different Types of Video Be?
  17. 3.1 How Long Can a Vidyard Video be?
  18. 3.2 Explainer Video Length
  19. 3.3 How-To or Tutorial Video Length
  20. 3.4 Demo Video Length
  21. 3.5 Case Study Video Length
  22. 3.6 Ideal Webinar Length
  23. 3.7 One-to-One Sales Video Length
  24. 3.8 Promo Video Length
  25. 3.9 Culture Video Length
  26. 3.10 Interview Video Length
  27. 3.11 Thought Leadership Video Length
  28. 3.12 FAQ Video Length
  29. 4. Video Length Best Practices
  30. 4.1 Shorter is (Almost) Always Better
  31. 4.1.1 Average Engagement for Different Lengths of Video
  32. 4.2 Different Objectives Call for Different Lengths
  33. 4.3 Track Your Efforts
  34. 4.4 Capture Attention Quickly

Bonus:Find out how long your video will be using Vidyard’s free script timer tool.

No two social media sites are the same, so no two video lengths are the same. A YouTube viewer, for instance, may happily watch for four minutes, whereas an Instagram user probably won’t give it more than 15 seconds. On top of all that, social algorithms are always being updated, so what’s true today may change. Below are tips for each channel.

Instagram Video Length

Make your Instagram videos around 30 seconds long. Although the platform gives you up to 60 seconds, the midway point is the sweet spot for Instagram’s busy, multi-tasking, often traveling audience. When it comes to video ads and Instagram Stories ads, try to cover your key message in the first 15 seconds.

For IGTV (short for Instagram TV), videos can be 10 minutes long. Larger brands can petition to have their video limit increased to one hour.

For Instagram Live Videos, hit record and just keep filming. The longer you roll, the larger the audience you’ll have the opportunity to attract. The maximum length is 60 minutes, but you can start another live broadcast immediately after if desired. Shoot for at least 10 minutes, but longer is often better when it comes to this format.

Facebook Video Length

Successful in-feed Facebook videostend to be 24 to 90 seconds long. Facebook videos are permitted to roll for an epic four hours, but just because you can upload Gone with the Wind doesn’t mean you should. It probably far exceeds the Facebook user’s attention span, and that’s a lot of video to produce.

On the other end of the spectrum are Facebook Stories—those user-generated videos that expire after 24 hours—which can’t exceed 20 seconds. For Facebook ads, put the juiciest information in the first five to 10 seconds, though these can also be four hours long.

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with customers in real-time. You can broadcast for up to four hours and, as with Instagram Live, the longer your live video runs, the greater your chances that people will discover it. Just make sure not to go below 10 minutes, which is about how much time it takes for people to be notified and tune in.

Pro Tip: To make your brand’s Facebook page more engaging, replace the cover photo (the large picture at the top of your profile) with a 20 to 90-second video, or swap your profile picture with a seven-second profile video or animated GIF.

LinkedIn Video Length

We recommend that LinkedIn videos run between 30 seconds and five minutes, with a maximum of 10 minutes. LinkedIn’s viewers aren’t your standard social media surfers: They’re professionals at work with more time to digest. Nearly three-quarters of business executives, almost all who are on LinkedIn, say they watch online videos every week.

If you’re running LinkedIn video ads, make them shorter: 15 seconds is ideal, with a maximum of 30 seconds.

What is the Ideal YouTube Video Length

Make B2B videos on YouTube two minutes or less. Though YouTube videos can run for up to 12 hours, demand for that type of content probably isn’t there for most branded content.

As for video ads, our advice is to stick to 15 to 20 seconds if you’re using pre-roll ads or six seconds for what are known as bumper ads, which are intended for brand awareness.

Twitter Video Length

Video tweets and Twitter video ads should both be 20 to 45 seconds long. Though they can be as long as two minutes and 20 seconds. It should come as no surprise that people don’t linger long on the platform built for brevity.

Pinterest Video Length

Pinterest videos should be 15 to 30 seconds, unless they’re an explainer or demo, in which case, longer is fine. The site bills itself as “the discovery platform” and people go there for how-to answers similar to how they use YouTube. While demos on Pinterest can be up to 30 minutes long, yours shouldn’t be. Offer a short and sweet answer with a beautiful, pinnable thumbnail.

Snapchat Video Length

True to its name, Snapchat videos are over in a snap: 10 seconds, that’s it. Don’t try to compress your entire message into that tiny blip. Rather, give your audience an intriguing taste of what you do and leave them with a link, hashtag, or URL to learn more.

TikTok Video Length

The length of TikTok videos has increased in recent years to accommodate longer-form storytelling and content sharing. A TikTok video can be up to ten minutes, which is useful considering more brands and creators making TikTok videos for B2B.

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How Long Should Video Be on Digital Channels?

Once again, there is no one video length best practice. It depends on the channel, how users behave there, what they expect, their vertical, use case, buying stage, the product, and the video format. A rule of thumb, though: If it’s cold outreach, keep it under one minute. Below are guidelines for each channel and format.

Website Video Length

The optimal length of a homepage video is similar to that of a TV commercial—30 to 60 seconds. You can go over, but only if the video is substantive. Website videos don’t necessarily need to offer complete answers, either. Homepage explainer videos that tease the value of your product but leave some questions unanswered are more likely to drive viewers to schedule a sales call.

Landing Pages Video Length

Make your landing page videos short: 30 to 60 seconds. Studies show that one-fifth of landing page viewers bounce after 10 seconds. One-third bounce within 30 seconds. Videos can help hold their attention and can do a lot to increase conversions; simply including them increases conversions by 80%.

Pro Tip: Place your video above the fold so it’s one of the first things viewers see.

Marketing Email Video Length

There’s no optimal length for video marketing emails, but in most cases, we recommend keeping it to 45 seconds or under (unless you have a highly engaged audience). Try adding the word “video” to your email subject line to see if it increases open rates.

Sales Video Length

The earlier stage the outreach, the shorter the video, generally. Cold outreach videos should be 30 seconds or under, but mid and late-stage outreach usually involves answering questions, and those videos can be several minutes long.

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How Long Should Different Types of Video Be?

Make your top-of-funnel videos short and snappy—think a matter of seconds, not minutes. Window shoppers and unaware prospects typically won’t invest much time. However, the further you go down the funnel, the longer your videos can afford to be—think minutes. The optimal video length is whatever viewers are willing to consume.

How Long Can a Vidyard Video be?

Before we jump into length recommendations for different types of video, we often hear a question: How long can a Vidyard video be? If you’re recording a video with Vidyard, you can record up to 30 minutes if you’re a free user and up to an hour on a Pro plan. For users on a Team’s plan or above, you can record for any limit you need!If you’re uploading a video, it’s based more on the maximum file size, which is 20GB.

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