How has COVID-19 created opportunities for Financial Planning Industry?

One fallout of the pandemic has been a wave of job losses as well as several companies cutting their employees’ wages. The notion of a job for life is all but dead, and the gig economy is constantly adding millions to the list of workers with no employment security.

This have resulted many to rethink is there a stable career anymore? Is there a career that will reward loyalty? Is there a career that will reward your experience, knowledge, and skill?

Why should you consider financial planning?

Many opportunities have emerged in the financial planning practice after COVID-19.

  1. More choices to stay in touch with client – Consultants can use Zoom Video or other platforms to stay in touch on a face-to-face basis. This is a trend that seems likely to continue even after the effects of the pandemic subside.
  2. Any location, any time to plan – Consultants can use Zoom Video for planning at any location and time allowing clients and consultants to work together at their own conducive convenient.
  3. More Fixed appointments a day – Consultants can meet more people a day through the saving of travelling time.
  4. Save Follow Up time – The emerge of hybrid appointment allow the first appointment to be a face to face to introduce and connect to build deeper relationship with client and the follow up appointment can be done over zoom video.
  5. Speed and convenience of servicing – Many clarifications can be clarified and answer over a zoom video appointment leaving face to face appointment to build deeper relationship.

Never before, the financial planning practice can be conducted more focus and efficiently.

The writer, Eric Seah is 26 years in the financial planning industry. Join the industry fresh from national service. Have stay in one company and one industry for the last 26 years. He is the Winner of Financial Planning Awards 2019 – Insurance. Open Category by Financial Planning Association. He is also the Finalist of 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2019 – Inspirational Agency Leader of the year by Asia Advisors Network. He is also the speaker for the Financial Planning Day 2019 – Consumer Series. He is an appointed Trainer for Certificate in Financial Needs Analysis and Plan Construction and Chartered Financial Planning Consultant for Singapore College of Insurance.