How Gold Alliance Provides Financial Diversification Opportunities For Americans

While there is no shortage of companies and financial brokers assisting people with investing in the stock market, most of them refrain from providing holistic information about various kinds of investment opportunities that they don’t sell. 


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This is why the opportunity of making investments in precious metals such as gold and silver is often neglected. Additionally, many people are currently not exposed to precious metals, which are often considered to be an important part of a diversified portfolio. One company, Gold Alliance, is dedicated to changing this.    

Founded in 2016, Gold Alliance had one simple yet ambitious goal: to steer common men and women in America away from financial risks associated with market volatility and government intervention. This is enabled by leveraging tangible, valuable physical metals, which offer security and ample opportunities. 

The company was established by a team of precious metals industry veterans who sought safe and sustainable options for their clients. “The company was built on the idea that diversification can only be realized when a part of an individual’s financial portfolio is dedicated towards tangible assets that are not affected by the Wall Street banks,” said Joseph Sherman, the CEO and Co-founder of Gold Alliance, who has over 20 years of experience in the commodity trading, financial services, and private education industries.    

Gold Alliance essentially uses physical gold and silver IRAs to diversify the retirement accounts of its clients. The aim is to maximize the return on such investments. To provide solutions that exceed the expectations of their clients, the team at Gold Alliance conducts proprietary financial analyses to generate useful insights and predictions along with effective recommendations.

Through the use of these IRAs, the company aims to resolve an array of potential issues plaguing investors such as the decline in the value of the dollar, market crashes, and bank or government confiscation, to generate a strong return on investment. To avoid these adverse scenarios, Gold Alliance leverages a simple principle: the inverse relationship between gold and paper assets. 

In simple terms, when the value of the dollar or the market declines, gold’s value goes up. Another primary advantage of this option is that it is not vulnerable to bank confiscation, intervention, or theft. The investments are held directly by the client or in a depository account under the client’s name and control, and outside the system of banking. 

It is important to note that investing in gold can be a stressful experience. People are rightfully worried about dealing with gold brokers that often take advantage of first-time investors. This is where Gold Alliance adds value. 

The company boasts of a 5-star rating on the Better Business Bureau and Google Business and is looking to help those people who want to play it safe. The team also spends a significant amount of time orienting its prospective clients regarding the process of investing in precious metals. “We want an educated and empowered client. Pushy sales tactics are not our cup of tea. Instead, we try to function as a trusted advisor to our clients and merely guide them in the right directions,” Sherman added.

Sherman explains that, typically, clients who seek assistance with their investments are directed to invest just a portion of their savings into gold, as putting in excessive amounts into one asset can cause more harm than good. “A portion of your savings in gold will protect all of it. You just want to be truly diversified in both paper assets like stocks, bonds or the dollar and physical tangible assets like gold and silver.” 

Although Gold Alliance primarily works with clients intending to diversify their IRAs or 401K’s, it does not overlook the financial ambitions of those without qualified retirement accounts. It assists them by engaging in transactions for direct deliveries, wherein tangible gold and silver, which are completely insured, are delivered at the doorsteps of such individuals.  

With experts recommending a portion of investor’s portfolios to be in gold, finding reputable partners to obtain gold is critical. Look for a partner with an extensive track record who can educate you about the various investment options available. Partners should look to growing and protecting their client’s wealth, fully realizing the age-old adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”   


Disclaimer: The writer does not have any relationship with Gold Alliance. This article is educational in nature. Please consult your financial advisor before making any new investments. 


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