High-end Specifications And Features of Realme 5 Pro Smartphones

Realme 5 Pro is probably one of the latest smartphones being released in the market today and it is capable of providing you with the top phone features that will surely make your life easier. With its high-end technology, it provides you with the luxury of being connected to the internet anywhere and anytime you are. The Realme 5 Pro can also provide you with a number of mobile phone functions such as allowing you to send and receive emails even from your PDA.

High-quality Pictures

However, the real 5 pro is more than just a smartphone. With an amazing dual camera, it is capable of taking high-quality pictures in all lighting situations. One of the best parts of this smartphone is its ability to act as a PDA. With a sleek design and a powerful processor, the Realme 5 pro gives you the best of both worlds.

The dual camera of the Realme 5 pro allows you to shoot video with both the front and back cameras at high-speed. In addition to shooting videos, this smartphone also enables you to take photos with a digital camera. In fact, with the advanced digital camera functionality of this smartphone, it allows you to edit the photos you have taken using the touch screen. It has a high-speed Internet connectivity, which enables you to browse the web, check your email and many more things.

High-end Specifications

One of the best features of the realme 5 pro is its high-end specifications, which includes an octa-core processor with a high memory speed of 1GB. This helps the smartphone run applications fast which is one of its unique selling points. This amazing smartphone also comes with a powerful snapdragon 712 aie chip that supports the High Definition imaging mode on high definition videos. With the high-speed connectivity, it is easy for you to stream and watch your videos. It also comes with two miniature cameras and one of them is the front camera. In addition, this smart phone also comes with a standard four megapixels primary color camera which makes it very easy to use.

Other specifications of Realme 5 include an Android OS 5.1. The phone also has a QWERTY keyboard, which makes it easier to use. The phone also features a notification center which lets you know about the different alarms and notifications such as calls, SMS and MMS. Apart from these, the real 5 pro also features a wide screen and is capable of performing image and video calling.

When it comes to battery life, the Realme 5 pro can last for up to 20 hours if you do not use it for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a notification LED and a bootloader which enable you to get rid of your device in the case of any kind of emergency. Another feature of this smartphone is the high definition camera that offers you crystal-clear pictures. It also includes image stabilization and high speed wireless connectivity. The Realme 5 pro can also support Quickype, Windows live wallpaper and Ticker.