7 Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Boost Sales

7 Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Boost Sales

7 Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas & Strategies to Boost Sales


Once again, it’s that time of year when shoppers are getting ready for the busiest shopping days of the year.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate:

  • Why you need to prepare for Cyber Monday
  • Marketing ideas that can help you prepare for it
  • Tips to boost sales

What’s Cyber Monday?

The Monday following Thanksgiving in the United States is known as “Cyber Monday,” and it is a day for shopping. Typically, it takes place in late November or the beginning of December.

The US National Retail Federation first announced Cyber Monday in 2005.

The term “Cyber Monday” first appeared when people were seeking for a way to explain the surge in internet sales, they were seeing every Monday following Thanksgiving.

It has only risen in popularity since then.

According to a survey by Adobe, online retailers have made an average of $10.75 billion over the last two years from Cyber Monday sales.

This proves that your competitors’ companies are taking advantage of Cyber Monday sales, and you can too.

To ensure that your products are easier to find online, you must begin preparing.

In just a moment, we’ll demonstrate how to do that.

Let’s first demonstrate its significance.

Why is Black Friday/Cyber Monday Marketing So Important?

First of all, both days are the busiest shopping days of the year for both physical stores and online retailers, so having a marketing strategy in place before those days will help you maximize your sales.

According to the Adobe study, marketing can boost your revenue if you play your cards wisely.

Other justifications for the significance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing include:

  1. Utilize the shopping spree to your advantage.

Just before the holiday season, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is when consumer spending is at its highest.

People want to stock up their homes for the winter and purchase gifts for their children, friends, and family.

Additionally, there is the marketing gimmick that claims goods are cheaper and deals are better on those days, and people want in on that.

On the other hand, for businesses, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest sales days of the year. They present a chance for brands to:

  • Increase their profits
  • Acquire potential customers
  • Keep current customers loyal

Developing a marketing strategy will assist you in positioning your brand effectively so that more customers will purchase from you.

People are eager to spend their money, therefore you have the opportunity to assist them and make sure they have a memorable experience.

2. This is your chance to beat the competition and the current economic instability.

Around these significant days, corporate competition is typically fierce. Everyone desires increased sales and new clients.

You can find better approaches to boost sales and raise visibility by developing Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing tactics.

Additionally, this year’s holiday shopping season is expected to be different due to concerns about inflation.

To avoid potential price increases, nearly 50% of consumers plan to start shopping much earlier in 2022.

To generate those Christmas sales, small business owners and marketers must maximize their marketing initiatives.

7 Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas that Work

Time to get down to business!

You need strategies that will enable you to grab people’s attention both before and during the big day because there are so many online merchants and ecommerce enterprises providing things identical to yours.

We would love to share some of our fantastic Cyber Monday promotion ideas with you.

They are listed below:

1. Sell your products in bundles

By bundling your goods and services for a limited period, you can attract customers’ attention.

By doing this, you get to sell them as a single unit rather than as distinct items.

It’s a fantastic incentive for many factors.


Simple logic explains why:

Offering discounted sets of related items and themed gifts would be good incentives because customers are always looking for great deals.

Selling in bundles is a good way to upsell customers to a slightly higher price than they would typically accept and raise the average order value.

2. Reveal exclusive offers

Another thing you can do is offer them exclusive bargains.

Remember that customers are searching for deals that can provide them the most value for their money as you create your offer.

Instead, you should provide them an offer that is so alluring that they believe they are getting far more than they paid for.

“So, what do I do?”

You arrange a flash sale!

You know, those with limited time offers and short-term discounts or promotions.

3. Create a gift guide

Gift guides direct customers to places where they can buy unique gifts or a box of your best-selling goods.

Make gift guides for various groups in your target market.

4. Partner up with influencers and content creators

On days like Cyber Mondays, everyone is vying for your audience’s attention, and they are bombarded with advertisements from every direction.

You run the risk of having your store and conventional ads ignored if you stay with them.

In this situation, you might collaborate with producers and influencers.

They can produce reviews, unboxing videos, and other user-generated content ads for your goods.

Customers will be more likely to stop, watch, and maybe buy from you when they recognize them in an advertisement.

Does it operate?

Yes, indeed! According to research, 84% of consumers have chosen products based on recommendations from artists or influencers.

5. Provide tailored customer service

Online stores are always open, unlike conventional businesses, so customers may shop whenever they want.

There may be a significant increase in shoppers during the holiday season.

Customers are likely to have a variety of concerns, including inquiries regarding their cards, sizes, shipping, and a host of other topics.

What ought you to do?

Keep your customer care department more hours open during these times.

Changes to your business hours should be communicated to customers on your email list via marketing emails, as well as to others via social media or your website.

6. Offer free shipping

The shipping costs occasionally make individuals hesitant to continue to the checkout page.

In fact, according to a survey, 50% of respondents, they would prefer avoid shopping at stores that don’t offer free shipping.

We’re attempting to say that people appreciate free things, especially free shipping during special occasions.

For this, they will go over budget.

According to a UPS poll from 2015, 52% of consumers made additional purchases in order to get free shipping.

So, let’s give them this offer to cheer them up.

You can offer it to every customer or impose a minimum order amount in order for them to be eligible.

For instance, Brandy Melville provided free shipping on all orders through Cyber Monday.
They enjoy it, as we’ve seen, and it gives you a chance to increase brand recognition and introduce customers to new products.

7. Come up with creative gift wrapping and packaging

Having eye-catching product packaging can make a world of difference in your digital marketing campaigns.

Gift wrapping and packaging have a way of drawing attention and making people want to buy from you.

In an IPSOS survey, 72% of Americans claimed that product packaging design had an impact on their decision to purchase.

According to a different study, more than 50% of customers claim that brand switching is influenced by packaging.

We’re trying to say that appealing packaging can encourage customers to visit your shop.

3 Tips to Boost Sales on Cyber Monday and After

You want your Cyber Monday deals to be so excellent that buyers buy nearly instantly, right?

We’ve already demonstrated how to do it and why it’s effective.

Beyond that, though, we also want you to see effects that last. To assist you in achieving them, we’ll look at a variety of marketing strategies in this part.

Should we start?

1. Make sure your website is Cyber Monday ready

For Cyber Monday, your website needs to be in a good position.

That refers to optimizing it so that everybody who views your website is aware that something is wrong.

How do you go about that?

It might involve developing pop-ups that display your current promotions and include an alluring call to action and a time limit.

Making a landing page with all of your offers and a link to your website is another choice.

2. Launch an email campaign

Email marketing initiatives are crucial and ought to be started well in advance of the Christmas season.

They should be customized with attention-grabbing subject lines that draw in your viewers.

The marketing needs to start before the shopping frenzy so you can create anticipation.

You can retarget and remind cart abandoners throughout the campaign.

After that, you continue to be in their thoughts well after the holiday season.

3. Show different products by the hour

As was already noted, there is fierce competition for customers’ attention on Cyber Monday as numerous brands compete for their business.

Showing various products hourly or bihourly is something you may do to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This can cause them to pause and look at your offers.

It’s a better strategy than simply telling clients that you have excellent deals.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Show, don’t Tell”?

That’s exactly what we mean!

Final Thoughts

We hope the suggestions we’ve provided in this article will help you start making plans for your Cyber Monday campaign.

It’s crucial that you begin going early enough to attract more customers and generate Cyber Monday revenue.

We believe you can succeed and are available to assist you if you do.

Please feel free to give our MCDA team a call if you’re unsure of where or how to begin. We’ll be happy to teach you how.

Here’s to a memorable Cyber Monday!

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