10 Ways To Secure Your Dedicated Server

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There is a growth in the number of individuals and businesses building websites nowadays, resulting in a growth in the demand for Web Hosting in India and around the world. There are numerous options when it comes to web hosting servers, but a Dedicated Server stands out.

Many resource-intensive and heavy-weight websites prefer Dedicated Server Hosting due to the high-performing results it incurs. Although a Dedicated Server provides a secure environment because of the isolated nature of its functioning, it is not fundamentally immune to cyber-attacks and threats. 

Let us learn more about how one can protect and secure their Dedicated Server Hosting in order to host a safe website!

10 Ways To Secure Your Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. Regular Backup

A regular backup is an unsaid rule of the digital world. This goes for your Dedicated Hosting data as well. A backup refers to a physical or virtual copy of the data present on your server. Regular backup updates enable quicker disaster recovery and mitigation of risk at the time of attack. 

  1. Periodic Updates

Updates are significant for secure Dedicated Hosting! Updating your anti-virus software, hardware, other tools, devices, integrated third-party solutions, etc., is paramount. It keeps your server away from vulnerability and predatory bots on the internet who are on the lookout for vulnerable servers.

  1. Remove Unused Software

Unused software tools are a weak link and vulnerability of your server. Since it is overlooked and unused, it is not updated, and the security tools on it are also unused. This becomes a liability to the server; hence, removing these is the only good option!

  1. Proper Password Protocol

Deployment of a strong password protocol is a necessity. Educating your employees and users about the same is also vital and will save you from brute-force attacks. Having strong passwords in place for every access requirement.

  1. DDoS Attack Protection

One of the most common cybercrime attacks on the Internet is a DDoS attack. Luckily, there are various DDoS attack protection software tools available in the market. Integration of the best protection tool may help you protect your server from this cyber attack.

  1. Routine Malware Scan

A routine scan for malware threats and viruses is critical. Various types of malware attacks, like viruses, Trojans, worms etc, are widely used by cybercriminals in order to steal or breach your data.

  1. Data Encryption 

Data encryption with the help of tools like an SSL certificate is highly essential for the safety of your data. SSL certificate essentially protects your data, encrypts it during transmission and keeps it away from external bodies.

  1. Employ MFA

Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is a modern tool to protect the access of your server. These multiple layers of authentication, identification and verification of the person trying to access your server will save it from various cyber threats, like brute-force attacks, DDoS attacks, or data breaches.

  1. Secure Network

Using a secure network or a private network like a VPN is a good practice, keeping your server’s safety and security in mind. 

  1. Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools are Virtual CCTVs that keep a keen eye on the server. You can also accompany these tools with reporting, detecting, and eradicating features to help enhance the performance of this monitoring tool!

Ending Thoughts

Security is paramount in this growing digital world. Such cyber-attacks take place every day on the Internet. 

If you want to avoid it or at least find a safe way out of these issues, you will have to secure your server. 

Thankfully, a Dedicated Server is easy to secure! 

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