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Job Description Templates Pros and Cons

Job description templates are relevant when posting job ads. This is where applicants can see all the requirements and skills employers are looking for. By having a template, it will be easier for employers to organize how their job ads would look like. It will also be easier for the applicants to check on the job ads and will be easily comprehensible for them. To understand it better let’s take a look at some job description templates Pros and Cons

What should I Write in a Job Description?

Clear Job Description for Employees 

When writing job descriptions, each detail should be jotted down clearly. This way, it will be easier for the applicants to know what the company really needs. Being specific with the description of skills you need such as using simple adjectives that describe the tools they need to use in the job will be helpful to give them a view on what their actual work will be.

Make sure to mention if the job is remote or office-based. In today’s situation, remote jobs are already common. Letting applicants know if the job is remote or not can make them decide if they will apply or not. 

Easier Recruitment 

If the job description is specific, applicants can evaluate themselves if they fit the job vacancy. This can lessen unwanted applications, therefore giving a lesser job for the company in scanning the applicant’s profiles and documents. Instead, they can focus on the potential talents that are fit for the job vacancy. They can then proceed with the recruitment process smoothly. 

Use Proper Terms 

When making a job description, use proper terms that are related to your company’s scope. Using proper terms can make applicants understand what you are looking for. They can then assess if they possess these qualifications even before submitting their resume or CV. Most applicants will choose not to apply if they know that they don’t fit the description. Lesser applicants would have the confidence to apply even if they don’t fit the job description. 

Transparent Salary Rate 

The number one question on the applicant’s mind would be how much is the salary? Instead of putting an exact amount, put a range on how much they will be earning if they get hired. Make sure the range is not too wide, for instance, $20,000 to $22,000 is okay compared with $20,000 to $25,000. Putting a closed range salary rate would let the applicant know if he will be applying for the job or not. Since he knows how much he needs and how much he can do for the job.

What Should not be Included in a Job Description?

Minor Task 

Common tasks should not be included in the job description. Instead focus on the main task of the job. Putting minor tasks would sometimes attract too many applicants resulting in the piling up of applications which makes it harder for employers to sort out who is qualified or who is not.

Copy Paste Job Description from the Internet

Although it is much easier to just copy and paste the job descriptions that are almost the same as what your company is looking for, there will always be differences. It will still be better if you made it personal. The terms that your company uses might be different from the other company so it’s better to make your own job description. 


Never use acronyms on your job description, since acronyms can have several meanings. It can therefore send wrong ideas to the applicants. They might be thinking about different meanings compared with what you mean. Instead, write down the whole meaning of the words you want to express. This can also be a way to make understanding easier for both of you.  

Knowing job description templates Pros and Cons can give the employer an idea of what they have to put in their job ads to attract more potential talents. It can serve as their guide on how to make their job description template more effective. Having an eye catching job description template can make them stand out from other companies and can make their branding better as well. Especially now that hiring people is already a competition.